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About Magnolia Woods Civic Association

Blossom on Robin's neighbor's tree

The Magnolia Woods Civic Association (MWCA) was created in 1993 to serve as the steward of the neighborhood.

It represents the area on many matters related to zoning, code enforcement, and maintaining the quality of life for its residents and visitors.

The Association:

  • Works consistently to foster the improvement and beautification of the general physical environment of the neighborhood;
  • Coordinates its efforts with other neighborhood organizations to address issues of importance to our area;
  • Engages in special projects aimed at maintaining the natural beauty of our neighborhood;
  • Works with city agencies, Baton Rouge Police Department, the District 12 Metro Council member, and other City Council members to monitor and positively affect the area’s safety, zoning, and quality of life concerns;
  • Is recognized and respected by these entities as the consensus “voice” for our neighborhood.

We welcome interested members of our community to join us in our effort to be good stewards of this beautiful, diverse area.


The MWCA service area is currently bounded by Staring Lane on the east, Rodney Drive on the west, Highland Road on the south, and Dawson Creek on the north. The association is led by a 12-member Board of Directors. Elections are conducted at the MWCA annual meeting in accordance with the association by-laws.

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