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623 Castle Kirk – Successfully Resolve.

Hello neighbors! I wanted to update you on our successful resolution of the issue regarding the subdivision of the lot at 623 Castle Kirk. Cork Street approached us (the Civic Association and individual plaintiffs) with an interest in settling the pending litigation in order to allow them to accept and close on an offer they received to purchase the entire, unsubdivided lot. We were able to negotiate a settlement that included requiring them to re-unify the lot on the city records, abandon the Boone municipal address, remove the mid-lot fence prior to closing, and include in the Act of Sale a formal recognition of the applicable deed restrictions accompanied by an agreement executed by the buyer prohibiting future subdivision. In short, we were able to protect our deed restrictions and the beauty of our large-lot subdivision. If you have a chance, please take time to welcome your new neighbors to our wonderful neighborhood! Please know that your donations to the MWCA legal fund and your activism is what made it possible for us to protect and enforce our deed restrictions, and we thank you for that, as I’m sure many of our neighbors would agree! Unfortunately, these things do not come without cost, and having the funds to take action when called upon is necessary to preserve the reasons we live in Magnolia Woods. As we turn our attention to the Annual Meeting in January (more information forthcoming), as well as our annual dues drive, please keep this in mind. This will not be the last time that we need to act. We thank all of you for your continued support of your Civic Association! Hope you all have a safe and happy holiday season! – Jennifer Dietz

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