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MWCA: A Brief History

Neighbors come together when they share common concerns.  For the residents of Magnolia Woods, the concern was a spate of unexplained house fires that fueled neighborhood tensions in 1993, and the response was a desire to create a framework to bring residents together and foster communications neighborhood-wide.

The decision to form an association was made at a meeting of 48 neighbors on October 16, 1993.  Officers from the neighboring Kenilworth Civic Association explained the procedures for incorporating as a civic association and Jim Altazan was selected to serve as interim President.

The newly formed MWCA Board of Directors held its first meeting on November 30, 1993 for the purpose of determining which portions of the neighborhood were not already represented by other associations and would therefore be invited to join.

The MWCA Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws were formally recorded with the State on February 10, 1994.

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