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Fire Ant Funeral Starts Sunday, October 18

MWCA will sponsor its Fall 2015 Fire Ant Funeral to reduce fire ant infestations throughout the neighborhood starting Sunday, October 18th.

Property lines pose no barrier to ants so it’s essential that

  • all households participate and
  • all yards are treated in as brief a window as possible to keep ants in untreated yards from invading already treated spaces.

MWCA will provide fire ant sterilant to all Magnolia Woods residents and asks that everyone treat their yards no later than Sunday, October 25th.

Please help support this neighborhood project by volunteering to help with the following task(s):

  • Package sterilant for distribution,
  • Deliver packs of sterilant to neighbors, and/or
  • Spread sterilant in the yards of neighbors who are physically unable to spread it themselves.

To volunteer, please contact Allyn Whaley-Martin at

The product the association uses is not harmful to people, pets, or beneficial insects and is easy to broadcast with a hand spreader. For more information, download and read the Fire Ant Funeral Fact Sheet.

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