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Annual Dues Are $45. Below are several ways to pay.

To enroll as a member of the Magnolia Woods Civic Association or update your membership information, please

  • complete and submit the form below electronically and then use one of the methods below to pay
  • Chase QuickPay to submit your dues by clicking HERE 
  • you can use the following link to download a printable form and return it with your dues payment to:

P.O. Box 83366
Baton Rouge, LA 70884

Download MWCA Membership Application/Update Form 

  • Use Button Below to use Paypal or any Credit/Debit card to pay your Dues
    (be sure to list your address in the message section and also fill out the form below if paying via this method)

If you wish to Make any additional Donations at Any time use the button Below

Magnolia Woods Civic Association
Membership Application/Update Form

    Annual dues are $45 per household, payable to the Magnolia Woods Civic Association.

    Contact Information

    I own / rent my home. (Check one.)



    If you rent, please provide the property owner's contact information (if known).

    Membership Volunteer Opportunities / Interests

    Block/Street Captains

    Gardening in Common Areas

    Membership Drive

    Citizens on Patrol (COPS)

    Historic Preservation



    Land Use/Zoning

    Trash Bash

    External Relations

    Magnolia Woods Elementary


    Fire Ant Funeral


    Event Calendar
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      Become A Member

      Interested in becoming a member of the Magnolia Woods Civic Association?