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Zoning and Deed Restrictions

MWCA’s Position

The MWCA Board of Directors is committed to maintaining and enhancing the residential character of the neighborhood, and has worked successfully with city leaders and area businesses toward that end. In 2008, the Board adopted a resolution, stating its intent to oppose projects that would require a variance unless the owner showed due need or demonstrated that the project would enhance or beauty the neighborhood. The board has reiterated that position in two other instances when residents came together and opposed proposals that would have violated their deed restrictions.

It is important to clarify that the MWCA—as a nonprofit, voluntary organization—has no authority to mediate disputes over zoning or variance decisions. The Board sees its role as:

  1. Familiarizing residents with the zoning ordinances and deed restrictions that apply to the Magnolia Woods community and
  2. Helping property owners navigate the planning process by providing convenient links to online documents and relevant public agencies.

Advice Before You Build

To avoid costly mistakes for property owners and avoid unnecessary conflicts among neighbors, MWCA recommends that all residents take the following steps before (a) changing your property’s use or (b) building, remodeling, adding on, or erecting a permanent outside structure (e.g., a fence, greenhouse, storage building, garden shed, etc.).

  1. Review the City Ordinances for A1 Residential property, which are outlined in the  Unified Development Code (UDC). (All lots in Magnolia Woods are zoned A1 Residential.)
  2. Look up the deed restrictions for your property either by “clicking” on your home’s location on the adjacent map or by selecting your filing on the map index.
  3. Map any addition or outside structure you are contemplating on a certified survey of your lot before you begin to verify that your project is within the deed restrictions and city ordinances. Contact the City Planning Commission to request a certified survey.
  4. Develop a plan for your proposed project and submit both the plan and survey to the City Parish Residential Office and follow their guidance on steps in the building process.

Residents must also adhere to the specific deed restrictions for the filing in which their home is located when making property improvements. Locate the deed restrictions relevant to your property, by selecting the spot on the accompanying map where your property is located or by selecting the appropriate filing in the index.

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